Private workshops

We offer private workshops for children or adults. We can customise any theme according to your needs or objectives. Our workshops are a minumum of two hours and prices start at £500 for a maximum of 20 people plus materials. Artefact’s workshops inspire you to unlock your inner creativity through hands on, multi sensory activities, that explore intriguing and fascinating topics.
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Some of our themes include


Explore the beauty and lifespan of stars.


Let's make our utopian city. This is a great team building excercise where we plan and create our own cardboard city.


We explore and play with the magic of magnets.


Understand our world through building real and fictional ecosystems.

Mysterious Universe

Can we imagine what blackholes look like? We explore mysterious objects in the universe through movement and making.


We use games and craft activities to learn about our own bodies.

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