"The greatest scientists are artists as well." - Albert Einstein

Being Human

Holiday Workshop

Let's challenge our understanding of what it means to be human

HALF TERM May 28th & 29th

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After School CLub

Bookings are open for the next half year

Starting March 1st
every Friday

years 3-4 years 5-6


Activity Calendar

Enjoy some of your favourite experiments at home

Get ready: prepare some jars, and lots of baking soda!

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Artefact explores the wonders of science through engaging art activities for curious minds. We find ways to inspire people to express themselves whilst evoking a sense of wonder & curiosity.

Artefact guides their students through the creative process like a journey, allowing each one to find their own way of communicating and finding their artistic voice. We aim to bring out the best in them helping them to be heard, each piece of work being valued, boosting confidence through offering them the opportunity to show and present their work.

We believe that interdisciplinary collaboration, exchanging ideas and listening to different perspectives promotes ‘out of the box’ thinking and instills a thirst for further knowledge.

Topics we cover are Technology, Space & Our Solar System, Astro-physics, Biology, Psychology, Geology, Architecture and much more.

‘Merging two traditionally separate disciplines can yield unexpected rewards’

Holiday Workshops

Coming soon: Being Human

My House is my Castle

Private workshops

For adults or children.
Minimum of two hours and maximum 20 people.
Prices start at £500 plus materials.
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After school club

After school club for students at the German School in London.
Years 3-4 and 5-6.
Fridays during term time.
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The Artefact team is based in Richmond, London but we are flexible to travel depending on the project.